Shannon is happy to announce her performance schedule for this year’s edition of the Calgary Stampede:

Tuesday June 30 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 4pm-9pm

Wednesday July 1 – Ranchman’s Tent 9pm-2am

Thursday July 2 – Mark’s Work Wearhouse (across from Chinook Mall) 5pm-8:30pm

Thursday July 2 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 9pm-2am

Friday July 3 – Great Northern Plumbing Breakfast 6:45am-10:30am

Friday July 3 – Ranchman’s Tent 4pm-9pm

Saturday July 4 – Willow Park Golf & Country Club 7:30pm-11:30pm

Sunday July 5 – Heritage Park Hays Breakfast 7am-10am

Sunday July 5 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 9pm-2am

Monday July 6 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 12pm-4pm

Monday July 6 – Char-Bar East Village Simmons Building 6pm-11pm

Tuesday July 7 – Telus Convention Center 11:30am-1pm

Tuesday July 7 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 4pm-9pm

Wednesday July 8 – Windows On The West Stage BMO Center 12:30pm-1:15pm

Wednesday July 8 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 9pm-2am

Thursday July 9 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 12pm-4pm

Friday July 10 – SMS Equipment Stampede Breakfast 7am-10:30am

Friday July 10 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 4pm-9pm

Saturday July 11 – Ranchman’s Main Stage 12pm-4pm

Saturday July 11 – Horton Legion Stampede Dance 7:30pm-11:30pm

Looking forward to an amazing Calgary Stampede, come on out and celebrate with the Shannon Smith Band!